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We Help You Face Your Legal Challenge

Our goal is to help you understand the law and how it applies to your case so that you are able to make decisions in your best interest.  Our mission is to provide the service you deserve so you feel supported and informed as you face legal challenges.  

Our team has extensive experience in a variety of areas of law so that we can better assist our client's needs. 

Our Services

Criminal Defense

Quality legal representation is key from your initial arrest to post trial appeal. We handle everything from misdemeanors to felonies, including driving infractions and bond hearings.


We handle everything from family petitions to deportation defenses and bond hearings. Contact us today to discuss your case.

Personal Injury

We handle personal injury cases ranging from workplace accidents to car wrecks. If you have been injured, seek the assistance of one of our attorneys as quickly as possible.

Contract and Civil Law

We provide legal services for contracts (i.e. employment and leasing) and warranty disputes.

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